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Convective Processes Experiment
July 11, 2017
•Successfully completed its deployment on the AFRC DC-8 on June 28, 2017
•Tropical Storm Cindy was observed for several days from its pre-genesis stages in the Caribbean to shortly before its landfall on the Gulf states
•Captured the fine 3-D structure, radial Doppler velocities of the lifecycle of convective processes in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Eastern north Atlantic
•The regimes observed ranged from oceanic deep isolated convection, to shallow warm rain processes (ranging from light to very intense), to widespread stratiform regions with embedded convective activity
June, 2017 MTHP ON CPEX
June 28, 2017
Oceans Melting Greenland Mission
May 28, 2017

We completed the second season of radar operations on March 22, 2017, and acquired 85 planned flight lines in 10 flights over the coastal glaciers around Greenland. 

The radar detected a significant new crack in the enormous Petermann ice shelf, which was also observed by NASA’s Operation IceBridge team   

Successful Completion of CORAL’s Hawaii Campaign
April 28, 2017
•>75% coverage (~9,800 km2) of the main Hawaiian Islands
•Flew ~27 science hours, imaged ~76 flight lines
•Land (dark basalt) and in-water calibration/validation at the Big Island and Kaneohe Bay, respectively
•Media & Outreach: local school presentation, JPL 360º VR Project, National Geographic
March 10, 2017