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AirMSPI – Airborne Multi-angle SpectroPolarimeter Imager

AirMSPI just completed deployment in the FIREX-AQ/ER2 field campaign flying on the NASA ER-2 high-altitude research aircraft. A total of 12 flights occurred between 1 August and 21 August over fire and smoke targets in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, Utah, and Arizona, as well as the Railroad Valley calibration site in Nevada. A number of these flights were coincident with the NASA DC-8 aircraft and a NOAA Twin Otter aircraft that flew sampling missions into the smoke.

AirMSPI – Airborne Multi-angle SpectroPolarimeter Imager

The following press release was issued on 2 February, 2018:

The NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) announce the public release of Version 001 of the Airborne Multiangle SpectroPolarimetric Imager (AirMSPI) Level 2 Cloud Droplet Size and Cloud Optical Depth Data Product for the ObseRvations of Aerosols above CLouds and their intEractionS (ORACLES) flight campaign.

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