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For getting flight approval for CAS

Friday, May 19, 2023
  • As soon as possible: Submit flight request into SOFRS
  • As soon as possible: Conduct Hazards review at JPL
  • Notify AFRC of long lead time structures and aerodynamics concerns
  • Submit CAS Justification Form to AFRC through JPL’s ALO office
  • Obtain Approval to contract with CAS from AFRC
  • 8-10 weeks prior to flight
    Submit to JPL Safety Systems Office (Kirk Barrow)
    1. Instrument Airworthiness Support Package (IASP)
    2. Flight Areas Document (FAD)
    3. Hazards Review (HR)
    4. Any support documentation referenced in IASP, FAD, HR
    Submit to OSPO (Charlene Paloma, Bill Hyatt)
    1. 7015
    2. MPCP
    Submit to EAPO (Tino Chirino)
          Environmental Assessment
  • 2-4 weeks prior to flight
          Submit to AFRC through JPL’s ALO office: IASP, FAD, HR, any support docs
  • Obtain Flight Approval from AFRC
  • Flight