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Campaign Schedule

CampaignInstrumentAircraftPI or POCFlight DatesLocationStatusSponsor
Carbon MapperAVIRIS-NGDynamic Aviation B200 (N53W)M. EastwoodJan 9- Mar 24 2023Chile, Ecuador, ColumbiaFlying near Santiago 1/31Carbon Mapper
SoOpSARSoOpSARB200 (N801NA)S. YuehFeb, Mar 2023CA, COJan 24 Tech Brief went well; Integrated onto B200; Successful Eng Flt 1/27; Sci flts 2/1 or 2/2AITT
NGC-IIYTHP, JLHNorthrup Grumman G-II (N82CR)P. Kangaslahti, R. HermanMarch at earliest 2023Palmdale, CAStill uncertainty on engine fix;
JPL Pre-Ship review Feb 6.
NGC – doing analysis of YHTP install (mounting by NG)
SPARTASPARTA Picasso instrumentBlue Origin – unmannedR. AndersonEnd of yearTexasSafety/Performance Pre-ship review March 7. Documentation needed – start with previous.NASA Picasso
EL ILSDifferent LIDARsCorporate Helicopters, HelicopterEd KonefatApr-May & Sep-Oct 2023Death Valley, CAAFRC has prelim HQ audit report but need full report + AFRC time for subcontract; What is known: Airworthiness 100% compliant; need to address some quality items. May need more inspection ctrls – like tool control. / JPL: Need to understand rack loadsJPL
S-MODEDopplerScat, PRISMB200 (N801NA), G-3 (N520NA)D. Perkovic-Martin, D. ThompsonApr, May 2023Ames, CAOn trackSMD/ESD H. Maring
HyTES – CanadaHyTESKenn Borek Twin OtterB. EngNeed to Ship to KBA Feb 14. Flts May – Jun 2023Calgary CanadaNeed to do KBA checkout flights in Canada before flights in Europe. KBA has been audited for international fltsNASA/ESA
SMAPVEXPALSAirborne Imaging (DC3 N737H)S. MisraJun 1, 2023TBDNASA Airborne Imaging audit on 1/31; PALS Deciding on CAS, antenna, radome fixSMAP
SWOT Cal/ValAirSWOTN48Q (Dynamic Aviation)R. ChaoApr - Jun 2023Quebec, CanadaIntegration end of Apr. Need to get into CAS system - in collab with Canada; need 40 hrs flt timeSWOT
ABoVEAVIRIS-NG, UAVSARDynamic Aviation B200 (N53W), G3 AFRC (NASA802)C. MillerApr 2023Alaska NASA TE Program
SnowExAVIRIS-NGB200 (N53W)M. Eastwood (JPL)Apr 2023Alaska NASA THP
AVIRIS-3 Test FlightsAVIRIS-3B200 (N53W)M. EastwoodMay 2023CONUSEnsure SSO involved 
AITT TestsA-SMLS, AirMSPI-2ER2 (NASA806)N. Livesey, D. DinerFly next opportunityPalmdale, CAOriginal dates cancelled due to 806 engineAITT
WDTSAVIRIS-CER2 (NASA806)M. EastwoodApr 2023CA, NV, AZ, NM  
HyTES EuropeHyTESKenn Borek Twin OtterB. EngApr 2023 PossiblyEuropeNeed to get into CAS systemESA/NASA
HyTES G5 TestHyTESJSC G5 (N95NA)B. EngAfter HyTES EuropeHouston, TXNeeds New PIF and Safety Plan; May not fly until after HyTES-Europe due to G5 used for ISS recoveryNASA, NSF, SANSA
GEMx/EMRIAVIRIS-C, HyTESER2 (NASA806)I. McCubbinApr-Sep 2023-2025CA, NV, AZ, NM USGS
STAQSAVIRIS-NGLaRC G-IIIM. Eastwood (JPL)Jun 5 - Aug 23, 2023New York  
Athabasca EELSEELS RobotHelicopter from No LimitsM. PatonSep 2023Alberta, CanadaSimilar to 2022 activity with same robot, vendor and helicopter 
or AirTEC DC3T
S. MisraSep 2023ArcticStrake replacement method – xtra material behind strakes – consider TCNASA TE Program Margolis
UAVSAR-which band
B200 (N53W)M. Eastwood (JPL)Sep 2023Western US  
BioSCapeHyTES, AVIRIS-NG, PRISMG5 (HyTES), LaRC G3 (AVIRIS, PRISM)A. Wilson (U. Buffalo); Eng, Eastwood, ThompsonOct-Dec 2023S. AfricaTest flights now for HyTESNASA, NSF, SANSA