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Campaign Schedule

The campaign schedule table is available in JSON format here.

Non-NASA Platforms in salmon.

Category column: N = NASA Aircraft, C = CAS, J = JPL mission, S = Stratospheric Balloon (Wallops), T = Transport

CampaignInstrumentAircraftPI or POCFlight DatesLocationStatusSponsorSOFRSCategory
GEMx/EMRI Aug DeployAVIRIS-CER2 (NASA809)I. McCubbinAug 28 – Sep 29, 2023; Then 2024-2025CA, NV, AZ, NMFlying now (sep 5, 11,12,14,15,18,19)USGS232017N
AITT TestsA-SMLSER2 (NASA809)N. LiveseyAug-Sep; Nov-Dec, 2023Palmdale, CANot flying. Modifying electronics front end for Nov-Dec flight.AITT242006N
HyTES G5 Test – for BioScapeHyTESJSC G5 (N95NA)B. EngShip to JSC last week of SepHouston, TXDebugging cryocooler, backup electronics, may ship 9/29)NASA, NSF, SANSA245002N
B200 (N53W)
M. Eastwood (JPL); Y. LouSep 2023Western US  24M005 (AVIRIS-3)C
NSAILCameras, LIDARsVTOLDonnellanJul 2023 – Jul 2024JPL Arroyo, CA and NVFTP is doneNeed a pilot: Susan Bell (just started – still need a drone for training,N/A 
BioSCapeHyTES, AVIRIS-NG, PRISMG5 (HyTES), LaRC G3 (AVIRIS, PRISM)A. Wilson (U. Buffalo); Eastwood, ThompsonOct-Dec 2023S. AfricaTest flights now for HyTESNASA, NSF, SANSA245002 (HyTES), 24G001 (NG, PRISMN
AfriSARUAVSAR-PC-20 (N802NA)Y. LouSep 6 -17, 2023 (NOV ??)AfricaCancelled -??? Later Oct.Need 3 business days – hard on crews – agreement planning N
FASMEEUAVSAR-LC-20 (N802NA)Y. LouOct 2-5, 2023Western USFire and Smoke Model Eval ExUS Forest Service24G007N
AfriSARUAVSAR-LC-20 (N802NA)Y. LouOct 10-Nov 21, 2023AfricaCancelled  N
Athabasca EELSEELS RobotHelicopter from No LimitsM. PatonSep 2023Alberta, CanadaGot approval to subcontract Mar 13Scout day, permits straightened out helicopter, put down landing zone
Tomorrow, 8:30 pacific transfer,
PSTAR weather balloonInfrasoundSmall balloonS. KrishnamoorthyAug 2 (testing in E. lot). Sept 24, 2023Eureka, NVTBD; In conjunction with OSIRIS-REx reentry same dayPSTARN/AJ
GHG MethaneAVIRIS-3B200 (N53W)M. Eastwood (JPL)Oct-Nov 2023 Need to upgrade FAD and Hazards, IASP 24M027 
Strat- balloonMkIVStratospheric Gondola – WFF oversightArmin Klienbohl, Geoff ToonSep 2023Ft. Sumner, NMWill add TLS instrument to typical payloadNASA SMD S
NGC-II (JLH + YTHP)YTHP, JLHNorthrop Grumman G-II (N82CR)P. Kangaslahti, R. HermanSep 2023Palmdale, CAHeld JLH pre-ship Mar 9, 1:30PM
NGC – doing analysis of YHTP install (mounting by NG)
SPARTASPARTA Picasso instrumentBlue Origin – unmannedR. Anderson2024TexasSafety/Performance Pre-ship review March 7. Invite BO. Documentation needed – start with previous.NASA Picasso J
ABoVEUAVSARC-20 (NASA802)C. Miller2024Delayed from 2023 N
Ice Sounding TestUAVSAR-P (AirMOSS)C-20 (N802NA)Ala Khazendar, Yunling Lou2024Greenland NASA SMD N
CARBO-AB200James WincentsenFall 2025CONUS    
C-FIRSTTwin OtterBill JohnsonMid CY 2024CONUS    
PIRSB200Alex Soibel      
ASTROSASTROSStratospheric BalloonJose Siles (38)
APL: Nov 2023
Antart: Dec 2024
Integration at Palestine; deployment in AntarcticaAPL integrating instrument (European antenna); JPL managing – on hook for everything