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AirMOSS on deployment to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Friday, July 12, 2013
The P-band radar completed its calibration flights at Rosamond on June 30 and is now on deployment in Harrisburg, PA. This deployment is the second set of observations of the year over Duke Forest, Harvard Forest, and Howland Forest. So far, the team has conducted two flights over Duke Forest and one flight over Harvard/Howland Forests; both radar and aircraft performed nominally. There has been a fair amount of rain in the east coast lately and the ground conditions were quite moist. Purdue's ALAR aircraft is also making airborne measurements of gas fluxes at Duke Forest this week. Science team members from JPL were at Duke Forest collecting ground sampling data while Harvard team members were at Harvard Forest on July 10.
The Radar team has begun delivering level-2 products from the spring 2013 campaigns to the science team. Higher level products are being generated as well.