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OMG – Oceans Melting Greenland / Earth Ventures – 2

Thursday, August 30, 2018

On Wednesday, 22 August, OMG departed Goose Bay, and successfully launched 13 AXCTD probes in South East Greenland and landed at Kulusuk, Greenland.

The next two days 23-24 August, OMG deployed 60 AXCTD 60 in South East Greenland. On 25 August, OMG flew north to Scoresby Sound fjords and launched an additional 16 AXCTDs. For the four science flight days, OMG deployed 89 AXCTDS probes!

Map of Greenland shows previous OMG AXCTD drop locations in yellow,
89 successful AXCTD drop locations during 2018 in green, the red line is the Scoresby
flight track, and the Purple dot is the location of an ALAMO float probe deployment.