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OMG – Oceans Melting Greenland / Earth Ventures – 2

Thursday, August 22, 2019

OMG has been deployed to Greenland for the 2019 Airborne expendable Conductivity and Temperature Depth-probe (AXCTD) campaign.   The flights are occurring on the AIRTec/Basler BT-67 aircraft (Tail Number N131PR).  To date, 100 AXCTD probes have been dropped in Eastern Greenland, and 10 probes dropped in Southwest Greenland.   The week of 12 August was OMG media week in Kulusuk Greenland.   Eight international media outlets participated in the flights from Kulusuk, including NBC/Today, CNN, CBS, AP, AFP, ITN, CBS and National Geographic.  On 20 August, the aircraft departed Kulsusuk and headed for Kangerlussuaq for drops on the SW coast of Greenland.  The following coverage has been posted:

The mission can be tracked at