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OMG – Oceans Melting Greenland / Earth Ventures – 2

Thursday, August 29, 2019

OMG had another successful week of flights.  The Basler (N131PR) was based in Kangerlussuaq for Airborne eXpendable Conductivity and Temperature Depth probe (AXCTD) drops in the SE region.   The aircraft then flew to Constable Point for AXCTD drops in the NE, and then flew onto Svalbard Norway.  After a few days in Svalbard, and 2 science flights, the aircraft flew to Thule Greenland.  In Thule the team accessed the 144 probes that were pre-positioned there via a DOD cargo ship in July.  To date, the mission has dropped 154 AXCTD probes.  

The media coverage of OMG continues with these news segments:

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