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SMAPVEX-16 - Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiment 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

All FOUR legs of the SMAPVEX-16 campaign were successfully completed.  August 16 was the end of a second two-week campaign undertaken in Iowa. With this flight, the PALS 

instrument has flown nearly 27 flights for SMAPVEX-16 – more than any previous SMAPVEX campaign. The campaigns were spread over a period of three months and two Cal/Val sites in Carman, Manitoba and Ames, IA.

Summary of the 2nd Iowan campaign:  We flew a total of six site overpass flights over Ames, IA with a calibration maneuver over the Mississippi after every flight. There were no flight-scrubs. There was nearly a week’s gap between the first three flights and last three flights due to overpass schedules and optimal ground conditions.