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UAVSAR in Iceland

Thursday, February 6, 2014

UAVSAR is on deployment in Iceland, and it has completed all 4 successful science flights regardless of one aborted flight due to an aircraft alternator issue.  The PI, Mark Simons of Caltech, was very pleased with the "fantastic observation campaign" and expressed his gratitude to the deployment crew for handling all the challenges of Iceland in the winter.  There was a public outreach event held at the US Embassy which was attended by media representatives and ambassadors of several countries as well as Dr. Simons' Icelandic collaborators. Their collective work in Iceland has generated much interest for its potential significant impact on cryospheric studies around the globe as well as planning for a future US L-band radar satellite mission.

Back at JPL, we began production of the refined Repeat Pass Interferometric processing with the newly developed Quality Assessment (QA) interface that will allow Principal Investigators to perform their own data QA'ing, streamlining the processing flow by eliminating one iteration step.  A few PIs have already received data processed through this new QA interface, and we expect the processing throughput to ramp up significantly over the next few weeks.  In addition, we have delivered 344 browse RPI products during the month of January, exceeding our target of 300 products by 15%.