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OMG – Ocean Melting Greenland / Earth Ventures Suborbital –2 (EVS-2)

Last week, with reasonable weather, OMG’s AirGravity contractor (Sander Geophysics Ltd. -  SGL) flew 32 OMG flight lines, for a total of 28 flight hours. The flight track plot below, shows SGL flying over 4,039 kilometers, and completing the Alison and Upernavik survey areas.

OMG’s Western science area, flight track map

Alison Glacier

OMG - Ocean Melting Greenland - Earth Ventures-2

On Monday September 21, OMG's survey ship completed the 2015 Western Greenland survey.  The ship surveyed more than 4,250 nautical miles, and acquired more than 300 Conductivity, Temperature Depth (CTD) sonar calibration casts. 

The crew returned to Seattle with all the survey data. OMG's raw survey data will be calibrated, NETCDF formatted and the final product sent to JPL by January 15, 2016.


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