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AirMOSS completes survey of East Coast forest sites

Friday, August 30, 2013

AirMOSS successfully completed the ten day campaign imaging its three East Coast forest sites. The radar imaged each of the science sites at Howland Forest, Harvard Forest, and Duke Forest three times over the campaign. Concurrent with the radar imaging, teams from JPL and Harvard University were in the field at the Howland Forest and Harvard Forest sites, respectively, collecting in-situ soil moisture data. In addition, Purdue University's ALAR instrument conducted atmospheric science measurements at all three East Coast forest sites. The ALAR data will be used to validate the AirMOSS Net Ecosystem Exchange products. The Radar team has begun delivery of Level 1-S0 data products for BERMS, Metolius, and MOISST data acquired in July and August 2013 to the science team.