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CARVE - Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment – Earth Ventures-1

Saturday, May 23, 2015

With continued good weather, flew an additional 11.7 flight hours in 3 days. 

CARVE flew science flights over Fort Yukon, Nikolai and Ruby.



May 11, Nikolai flight, CO2 and CH4 enhancements observed.


CH4 vs Longitude plot

At the conclusion of flight on May 13, the pilots reported a defective radio.  For the next few days, the C-23 radios were serviced, but could not resolve the problem.  On May 16, CARVE concluded the successful May campaign.  CARVE flew a total of 40 science flight hours in 8 flight days in May.  CARVE's grand total for Alaska science flight hours, since spring of 2012, is now over 800 science flight hours, which is 300 flight hours over goal!