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ASO – Airborne Snow Observatory

ASO completed surveys of the Lake Tahoe basin last week in partnership with the US Forest Service. 

Tom Painter, ASO Principal Investigator, was awarded the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal for the development of the NASA Airborne Snow Observatory, a pioneering platform with unprecedented high resolution measurements of snowpack height and snow water equivalent.

ASO – Airborne Snow Observatory

ASO completed April 2018 California snow surveys in the San Joaquin, Tuolumne, Merced, and Kings river basins last week.  The ASO team delivered data products for San Joaquin and Tuolumne within one week of completing data acquisition for each basin.  The snow depth, snow albedo, and snow water equivalent data from these surveys will be used by California Department of Water Resources and local water agencies to make key water supply decisions for the remainder of the year.

ASO – Airborne Snow Observatory

The Airborne Snow Observatory completed a survey mission 30 March to 1 April to measure water content of snowpack in the Gunnison River basin in southern Colorado.  This data will be used by Colorado water resource managers to optimize storage and distribution of water for the upcoming summer months.

View of the Gunnison Basin from the ASO airplane just south of Aspen, CO

ASO – Airborne Snow Observatory

After one of the biggest recorded snowpacks in California history, ASO finally completed its 2017 snow survey season in cooperation with the California Department of Water Resources last weekend.  The ASO compute and science team is finishing the data processing and analysis of the August snow surveys; final deliveries are expected to be made by early September.


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